Technology: Simply put, Trident Marketing is driven by innovative technologies. How do we do this? We employ today's brightest talent in all disciplines of Information Technology (IT).
IT serves as the backbone of our organization upon which all of our companies work from.
Don't believe us? Well just take a look and see for yourself!
Our vision to support Trident Marketing with the latest advances in telephony  is satisfied by expertise with:

Trident's multi-site sales center environment operates under a solid infrastructure of fiber optics embracing the latest network traffic engineering standards in QoS (Quality of Service). Our systems and network staff operate as the ‘sheriffs' of this infrastructure creating and preserving dynamic routing, encrypted tunnels and advanced monitoring to ensure that the multi-site concept is only a factor in location and never in customer experience.

At the end of the day, our IT team knows that it's all about providing a positive customer experience. We foster this by maintaining well crafted software development architecture rooted in the latest collaborative and integrated technologies in software and web development from custom sales-centric order entry tools to Our diversely skilled developers envision, design, develop, and integrate using the most recent advances in .NET, AJAX, SQL, web services, cloud services and more. Seriously, it is exhausting just saying it all!

But wait...that's not all we do...

We are also, a dedicated team  of SQL developers, integration specialists, report writers, and data analysts comprise our D.A.I.R. team.

D.A.I.R boasts serious expertise in advanced SQL development, SQL Reporting Services and other Business Intelligence tools to craft the visualization of the company’s growth.

The power of Trident Marketing Technology...Can you handle it?

15,000 Unique Numbers Routed to Trident Marketing
132 Routing/Administrative Scripts
10,000 Calls per Day

1.8 M Minutes per Month
22 Cisco Phone Servers
40 Dell Servers
2 Cisco UCS servers
25 Virtual Servers