Trident Sales: A passionate focus to deliver quality customers.
Top-notch Customer Acquisition with a side of fun, please...

Trident Marketing's Sales team exhibits an unmatched commitment to the success of both our clients and our company. We challenge anyone to have as much enthusiasm as we do every day in our state-of-the-art sales centers. Our desire? To be the absolute best at customer acquition... It's as simple as that.

Trident Marketing’s Sales team delivers laser-focused attention on reaching maximum potential through the deployment of the best technology, implementation of the tightest processes, and the recruitment and development of the finest people. We’ve had pretty impressive results throughout our history, but that never stops us from giving more. The energy you feel on our sales floors is unrivaled.

All members of the Sales team start their careers with a structured team-training schedule to learn all the ins and outs of their department, as well as the company as a whole. Sales Specialists are skilled in building rapport, overcoming objections and, of course, closing the sale.

We handle it all while increasing business efficiency.

Thanks to our advanced technology and highly-trained Sales Specialists, we will always deliver an unparalleled quality and customer service experience. We aren’t just sales; from customer acquisition and retention to customer service and installation, we can work with customers throughout their entire purchasing process. Our Sales Center’s commitment helped to name Trident Marketing DIRECTV® Dealer of the Year in 2007.

So, you get it all, with the quality and commitment you would expect from an award-winning outsourced sales center provider.

The Sales team is motivated by the awesome responsibility of being the voice of each of our brands, both owned and partnered. We know how important this is and take pride in knowing that we can create a bright future for Trident Marketing and its employees by generating results for our brands and a "world class" experience for our customers.