Trident Marketing: Where great ideas and even better people come together to create quality customers through analytically driven marketing.

Successful and innovative marketing campaigns require so much more than producing mass or generic messaging. They require tons of hard work in initial strategic planning, flawless execution, ongoing tests and careful analytical research.

People  Trident's marketing team consists of a broad group of young, energetic brainiacs that quite simply love what they do. We take our work very seriously, but we never forget it’s also about having fun. We search everywhere for the best customers!
Process  At any given point in time, the Marketing team has a lot of work going on. So process is the key to meeting our goals and putting out the best work for our owned and partnered brands.

Transparency  We believe that you can’t form a long-term relationship without trust, knowledge and commitment. We form transparent relationships with all of our brands, partners, and vendors based on mutual goals designed to grow the business. Needless to say, we are an open book.
Differentiation  We are not an agency and, at the same time, we are not your typical marketing department. What makes us different? Everything. We are risk takers and pioneers. There is no such thing as a bad idea in this department.

Data Driven Proprietary Analytics
We make sound decisions based on proprietary analytics, multivariate and A/B testing, yield performance measurement and more. Every unit of measurement is a key to building a successful campaign. And yes, even in marketing, there are data geeks!

These are just a few of the key ingredients to the recipe of our success. We specialize in making money where others have tried and failed, whether online, offline or through partner channels, if the numbers make sense, there isn’t anything we won’t try once. It’s all about testing, measuring, strategy, process… and of course, some fun!