Your Team, Our People

Each of the departments within Trident Marketing has their own vibe, but when we come together, that's truly when the magic happens. We figured you might not believe us when we tell you how great it is to work here, so we asked our teams for their viewpoint.


Trident Marketing, Marketing Department

"The people, the culture, and the drive - Trident is a company that is always looking ahead to new possibilities, challenges and achievements." -Anna

"Everyone at Trident is very inviting and friendly. This job offers an opportunity to learn new things and work with some great and intelligent people. It is a fast-paced, busy environment and every day offers something different - never a boring day." -Kari

"Trident is more than just a business, it’s like a family. Everyone looks out for each other both at and outside of work."-Marjorie


Trident Marketing, Sales Department

"I come to Trident every day to work hard, have fun and most importantly, make money by being excited about the product I’m selling." -Layne

"I realized that Trident was a place I could legitimately impact the future and direction of the company. There was a real opportunity to make a difference." -Tommy


Trident Marketing, Technology Department

"I work with the greatest group any one can ask for in the IT department." -Jerry

"Despite Trident’s true beginnings nearly 23 years ago with the first resort, Trident remains youthful and energized as if the company was just started. This youth and enthusiasm presents daily challenges, but also creates a fun environment to work alongside others as a true team." -Brandon

"The best part about Trident Marketing is the great people and decidedly non-corporate work environment. There are new challenges and opportunities all the time, and freedom to be creative in solving these challenges." -Rhob

Customer Support

Trident Marketing, Customer Support Department

"This is a great opportunity for someone starting over as a 'senior' - there is no age limit. Opportunities not only begin with being trained as a customer representative, but knowing Trident is growing and other positions are available as you learn and progress." -Marge


Trident Marketing, Administration Department

"I knew Trident was the place for me when David Lord said he was a Yankee fan; I had to represent for BOSOX NATION!" -Dawn


Trident Marketing, Finance Department

"Trident is a progressive, growing company, a leader in Moore County. We hope to be an anchor and an example of growth and integrity for the community." -Linda

"Trident is a diverse and exciting work environment with opportunities to learn the hospitality trade, marketing and sales trade all within one company structure." -Gerhard